January in Japan 2015: Sign Up Now!

We’re back!  Once again, I’ll be starting the year with a whole month dedicated to J-Lit 🙂  January in Japan returns in 2015, and today I’d just like to give you a taste of what lies in store at the start of the new year.

*J-Lit Giants*
Series three of J-Lit Giants will build on our collection of great writers.  So far, we’ve inducted twelve into our hall of fame – whose turn is it this year?  I’m a busy boy, so I’ll need your help with this: if anyone is interested in penning a guest post for posterity, please leave a comment, or e-mail me at tonysreadinglist at y7mail dot com 🙂

I’m planning to have two group reads for the month, on the 15th and 29th of January, but I haven’t confirmed the titles yet (and I’m very open to suggestions!).  If anyone has any ideas, please leave a comment below 🙂 

Update (6/12):  The decision has been made!
15/1 – Hiromi Kawakami’s Manazuru
29/1 – Yasunari Kawabata’s The Sound of the Mountain

Yes, once again we’ll be running some Golden Kin-Yōbi giveaways.  Publishers to jump on board so far include Pushkin Press, Penguin Modern Classics, Columbia University Press and Kurodahan Press: make sure you’re subscribed to this blog so as not to miss out on the great books offered!

*News and Reviews*
In addition to all that, every Sunday in January will see a new edition of Nichi-Yōbi News, where Momotarō and I will round up all the latest Japanese literary gossip.  Contributions are welcome – and for the review section they’re absolutely vital 😉

So, over to you!  To sign up, just leave a comment below, and don’t forget to follow the blog today to keep up with all the news and giveaways next January 🙂


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34 Responses to January in Japan 2015: Sign Up Now!

  1. Lizzy Siddal says:

    Looking forwrd to reading, Bullfight, the book I won last year.


  2. Richard says:

    I'm in as long as I can still read for Bellezza's Japanese shindig at the same time! Time for me to try Kawabata, I think.


  3. I have quite a few on my shelves and will certainly manage one!


  4. ok I'm in. I'm doing the Japanese Literature Challenge, but will still have 3 reviews to post. this is Emma at words and peace


  5. Ally says:

    'As always', I am looking forward to this. I would even like to write a post or two on the books I will be reading, thus trying to go back to the writing board and revitalize my blog a bit, after way too much pause 🙂 I am planning to read Kawabata's The Lake and …. I still haven't decided on the second one… Do let me know if I should sharpen my virtual pencil 🙂


  6. Marina Sofia says:

    Count me in! Whatever happened to our idea of a Genji readalong? Although January is probably not long enough for that…


  7. JacquiWine says:

    I'm up for this and I'm sure I can find a couple of suitable books from my shelves.


  8. Carola says:

    I'm in 🙂 and really looking forward to it! I have so many ideas for books I want to read…

    Also, a mail from me is coming your way!


  9. Bellezza Mjs says:

    Yes, please, Tony…sign me up!


  10. Tony Malone says:

    Lizzy – Speaking of Inoue, there'll be more from him this year…


  11. Tony Malone says:

    Richard – Crossovers are always welcome, and Kawbata is definitely a good choice 🙂


  12. Tony Malone says:

    Séamus – Ah, go on, make it two or three 😉


  13. Tony Malone says:

    Emma – As I mentioned above, crossovers are welcome – I'll be interested to see what you decide on.


  14. Tony Malone says:

    Ally – Well, the reading is the important part, but do write too if you feel the urge!


  15. Tony Malone says:

    Marina Sofia – The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men (and early-eleventh-century ladies of the Japanese court) gang aft agley 😉 I'm still planning to get to Genji at some point, but I actually have a couple of other classic J-Lit texts to get to first…


  16. Tony Malone says:

    Jacqui – Good to have you on board 🙂


  17. Tony Malone says:

    Carola – Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for us to read 🙂


  18. Tony Malone says:

    bellezza – Glad you can join us – I hope you've got some good choices lined up 🙂


  19. MG says:

    Count me in, tony. Looking forward to it
    Martha G.


  20. I'm in Tony (actually left a comment last weekend but the web must have eaten it) – while I'll not be tackling the read-along titles I have got myself copies of another work from each read-along author which I'll aim to review around the same times.


  21. Tony Malone says:

    Martha – No worries – welcome aboard 🙂


  22. Tony Malone says:

    Jo – Good to hear (and I trust you'll do a better job of this than I've done with your challenge this year…).


  23. SIgn me up – I do believe I've read EVERY Japanese book on my shelf, but I'll dig around as well as visit the library if needs be.


  24. Tony Malone says:

    Tony – No worries – you're on the list (and I'm sure you'll ind something suitable…).


  25. David H says:

    Hi Tony, please count me in – I've got a few J-lit titles lined up, and hopefully I can join in with the group reads.


  26. Tony Malone says:

    David – Good to hear 🙂 I hope you've got some good reads ahead.


  27. kamo says:

    A belated 'Me too' here as well. Got a couple of things I've been saving for this, and the Kawabata's been on the shelf for ages. Nice to have a prompt to finally take it off.


  28. Tony Malone says:

    kamo – It's definitely a good one, and I'm glad to have the push to reread it too 🙂


  29. Count me in Tony. I'm definitely up for the Kawabata


  30. Tony Malone says:

    Belinda – Good to hear – hope you enjoy it 🙂


  31. I'm in, I loved taking part last year! I've lots of choices to read this time round, too.


  32. Tony Malone says:

    Dan – Glad to have you on board (and I hope this year will be as good an experience!).


  33. mel u says:

    Glad to see year three,please sign me up. I have just read I am a Cat by Soseki Natsume. Is there or will there be a mr. Links for reviews ?


  34. Tony Malone says:

    Mel – Good to have you back 🙂 The review page is under the tab at the top of the page – Book Reviews (2015).


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